Trying out the juiciest burgers in Goa-Cafe Basil, Miramar.

A warm earthy artistic ambience, cozy environment and bigger than your appetite portion of the juiciest burgers, that is what sums up cafe basil. Starting from the Miramar circle, two left’s followed by a right will drop you at it’s doorstep. Its a pretty little cafe and this wasn’t my first time here, but it…

5 free things to enjoy while travelling.

Travelling can really be expensive most of the times. We all know that. But Hey! Hold on before you put away thoughts about that long dreamt trip because it goes overboard with cash. Here are some things you can cut the cost with and enjoy for free. FREE FOOD We tend to spend a huge…

Faith exploration at Mount Mary church Bandra, Mumbai. India

Faith is a strange thing…it can move mountains..🙏 On my way to the church of the miraculous church of Mount Mary Bandra Mumbai India, I came across these catchy colourful bunch of candles. Many may know and it’s a common practise to offer candles made up of various shapes and sizes.. like in the pic….

Monsoon in Goa… What’s in store!

Hey there monsoon babies… It’s June.. The monsoon month.☔ Goa right now turns out lush green, fresh and serene beyond words. Monsoon is not a season I like (just wish somebody could spare me the muck and yeww! what not!) However there are an array of amazing things that monsoon in Goa packs up and…

Hampi-Hubli- 3days. 3k.

Ok! So when we speak of budget travel, It takes a lot of thorough planning and plotting. My trip this summer was to Hampi in Northern Karnataka (India), 317 kms away from Goa ( from where I live), which I planned and was successful in undertaking in less than 3k. Sounds unbelievable right? Believe me….