How to get the best out of your Kerala trip.

Kerala as a place can be quite tricky to choose from. We as travellers are spoiled by the varied amount of choices a trip to Kerala has to offer. Itโ€™s kind of difficult to choose the best places to visit out of the many options ‘GODS OWN COUNTRY’ bestows on you. I decided on Kerala…

A fulfilling ride to a 350 meter high Chandreshwar Parvat

Hey folks.. Hope life is treating you guys wonderfully. A few days back I went on another of those long rides I absolutely love going on. This time it was to a place situated 350 metres high in the southern part of Goa. I am a mountain person. Mountains have always been special to me….


Fort Reis Magos: Fort Sequerim : Fort Aguada. If you are in Goa and intend to see some forts these ones are the best deal. Coz you get three within very close proximity from each other and are a great time saver plus being in the coastal area they give you lots of options for…

Panjim-the heart of Goa.

Panaji or Panjim is the ever hot and happening capital city of golden Goa. Being the capital and a major town, you are bound to get here if you ever be there in Goa. Its not just the status of the capital that makes it special, but the city itself is special in many other…

10 astonishing Myths and Mysteries about Hampi.

Who doesnโ€™t love history! A strong dose of the legends of kings, the tales of their mighty kingdom, stories about their treasures and the massive monuments, the good and the bad that prevailed… We love it all… This year when I landed up in Hampi in the southwest state of Karnataka, India, I was amazed….