Why Fort Chapora stands out in every Goa itinerary.

Fort Chapora is not something unknown. If you have watched the famous bollywood movie ‘DIL CHAHTA HAI‘ then I’m sure you know what we are talking about here. This movie has a scene shot here which made this fort quiet famous and a favourite must visit place. Fort chapora is situated on a hillock in…

Goa Carnival-A photo blog.

The much awaited carnival just happened and Goa was splashed in its glorious colours. With parades and events being organised it kept people dancing to it’s tunes. Take a look at it and keep it as a bucket list for next time you happen to visit.

10 astonishing Myths and Mysteries about Hampi.

Who doesn’t love history! A strong dose of the legends of kings, the tales of their mighty kingdom, stories about their treasures and the massive monuments, the good and the bad that prevailed… We love it all… This year when I landed up in Hampi in the southwest state of Karnataka, India, I was amazed….

Ferries of Goa.

Have you ever been to Goa or are you the lucky one living here? Then I am sure you must have taken a joyride along this long blue mode of transport, we call the ‘FERRY BOAT’. Another proud hereitage of Goa, these ferries have been functioning across the pristine backwaters of Goa since decades silently…

The Still side of Goa.

A peep into my roots is what I have in store in this post-‘Pilerne’,Goa-India a place where I belong to and which I love the most. A quiet village 8 kms from the capital city of panjim, though abundantly blessed by mother nature with open arms this place is hardly know and so I thought…